The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Summer as a School Healthcare Professional

Jun 17, 2020
Healthcare Career


Welcome to the ultimate guide for school healthcare professionals looking to make the most out of their summer. At Sexual Health Education & Economic Telehealth Services, we understand the importance of taking a well-deserved break while still utilizing your skills and expertise. In this guide, we will explore the top summer jobs specifically tailored for school healthcare professionals in the field of health.

Why Choose a Summer Job?

As a school healthcare professional, summer jobs offer the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge, gain valuable experience, and make a positive impact during the break. Not only can these jobs provide financial stability, but they also enable you to continue making a difference in people's lives.

The Top Summer Jobs for School Healthcare Professionals

1. Camp Nurse

One popular choice for school healthcare professionals is working as a camp nurse. Camps provide a unique environment where you can utilize your medical skills while promoting the health and well-being of campers. Whether it's responding to injuries, administering medications, or educating campers about hygiene, being a camp nurse can be a rewarding experience.

2. Summer School Nurse

If you prefer to stay within an educational setting, consider working as a summer school nurse. Many schools offer summer programs where healthcare professionals are needed to provide medical care to students. This role allows you to continue promoting health and well-being while ensuring students receive the necessary medical attention during their summer studies.

3. Travel Nurse

For school healthcare professionals seeking adventure, becoming a travel nurse may be the perfect fit. Travel nursing offers the opportunity to work in various healthcare facilities across different locations, both domestically and internationally. Not only will you experience new cultures and environments, but you'll also gain valuable experience in different medical settings.

4. Medical Mission Trips

Participating in medical mission trips during the summer allows school healthcare professionals to contribute to global health efforts. These trips provide access to underserved communities, where you'll have the chance to provide essential healthcare services to those in need. Not only will you broaden your skills, but you'll also make a significant impact on individuals and communities.

5. Research Assistant

If you're interested in furthering your knowledge and contributing to medical advancements, working as a research assistant during the summer can be a rewarding experience. Many universities and research institutions offer summer research programs for healthcare professionals. You'll have the opportunity to work alongside renowned researchers, contribute to important studies, and enhance your expertise in a specific area of interest.

6. Volunteer at Health Camps

Volunteering at health camps is another great way to spend your summer as a school healthcare professional. Health camps often provide free or low-cost healthcare services to underserved populations. By volunteering, you can use your skills and knowledge to support these initiatives and help improve the health outcomes of individuals who may not have access to regular healthcare services.


Planning your summer as a school healthcare professional doesn't mean sacrificing your passion and expertise. Explore the range of summer job opportunities available and choose the one that aligns with your interests and goals. Whether you decide to work as a camp nurse, travel nurse, or volunteer at health camps, you'll have the chance to make a positive impact while enjoying a fulfilling summer experience.

At Sexual Health Education & Economic Telehealth Services, we support school healthcare professionals in planning their ideal summer by providing resources and guidance to achieve their goals. Make the most out of your summer break, expand your horizons, and contribute to the health and well-being of others.

Robert Freeman
Great tips! 💯 I'm excited to make the most of my summer as a school healthcare professional!
Oct 5, 2023