Marsh McLennan - SEC Filing 13F-NT (Form 0000766524-06-000081)

Apr 13, 2021


Welcome to the SEC filing page of Marsh McLennan. Here, you'll find comprehensive information about their 13F-NT form with the identifier 0000766524-06-000081. Stay up-to-date with their financial holdings and gain insights into their investment strategies. Let's dive in!

About Marsh McLennan

Marsh McLennan is a renowned global professional services firm operating in the insurance brokerage, risk management, and consulting industries. With extensive experience serving clients worldwide, Marsh McLennan has established itself as a leader in its field. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart from competitors in the market.

SEC Filing 13F-NT

The SEC filing 13F-NT is a report provided by institutional investment managers to disclose their holdings in publicly-traded companies. For Marsh McLennan, this specific filing (0000766524-06-000081) contains valuable information about their recent investment activities and the securities they hold.

Marsh McLennan's Investment Strategy

Marsh McLennan employs a strategic approach to investment, taking into account various factors such as market trends, industry analysis, and risk assessment. Their team of experts conducts thorough research to identify potential investment opportunities that align with their clients' goals and objectives.

Financial Holdings

As of the latest filing, Marsh McLennan's 13F-NT form reveals details about their financial holdings. These holdings may include stocks, bonds, options, and other securities. By reviewing this document, investors and analysts can gain valuable insights into the company's investment decisions and portfolio diversification.

Staying Informed

Keeping track of Marsh McLennan's filings is essential for those interested in understanding their investment strategies. By staying informed, you can potentially gain insights into market trends, industry shifts, and investment opportunities. It is crucial to regularly review and analyze their SEC filings.


Marsh McLennan's SEC filing 13F-NT, represented by the form 0000766524-06-000081, provides valuable information regarding their financial holdings and investment strategies. As a leading global professional services firm, Marsh McLennan prides itself on its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Stay up-to-date with their filings to gain insights into their investment practices and make informed decisions.


Please note that the information contained in this SEC filing is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Always consult with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.