Pension Funding & Risk Management

Jun 4, 2021


Welcome to Mercer's Pension Funding & Risk Management services, provided by Sexual Health Education & Economic Telehealth Services. As leaders in the field of wealth and investments, Mercer offers comprehensive solutions to help organizations effectively manage their pension plans and mitigate risk.

Understanding Pension Funding

When it comes to pension plans, proper funding is essential for long-term financial stability. At Mercer, we specialize in helping organizations develop and implement pension funding strategies that align with their unique needs and goals. Through careful analysis and expert guidance, we aim to ensure that your pension plan remains well-funded and sustainable.

Assessing Funding Requirements

Our team of seasoned professionals will work closely with your organization to assess your current funding status and determine the required contributions to meet your pension obligations. We consider factors such as employee demographics, plan demographics, and market conditions to calculate funding requirements accurately.

Designing Funding Strategies

Once we have a clear understanding of your funding requirements, our experts will help you design a customized funding strategy tailored to your organization's risk tolerance and financial capabilities. We consider various funding approaches, including cash contributions, asset optimization, and liability-driven investments, to ensure the long-term sustainability of your pension plan.

Managing Pension Risk

In addition to funding, managing pension risk is crucial to protect your organization's financial stability. Mercer's Pension Funding & Risk Management services offer comprehensive solutions to help you effectively identify, quantify, and mitigate various types of pension risks.

Identifying Pension Risks

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your pension plan to identify potential risks, such as longevity risk, investment risk, interest rate risk, and regulatory risk. By understanding the specific risks associated with your plan, we can devise appropriate risk management strategies.

Quantifying Risk Exposures

Once we identify the risks, we quantify the potential impact of each risk on your pension plan. Our experts utilize sophisticated modeling techniques and actuarial analysis to assess the financial implications of various risk scenarios. This allows us to develop strategies that mitigate the most significant risks effectively.

Implementing Risk Mitigation Strategies

Based on our comprehensive analysis, we will work closely with your organization to implement tailored risk mitigation strategies. Our solutions may include diversifying investment portfolios, implementing liability-driven investment approaches, and exploring innovative risk transfer solutions such as insurance or annuity contracts. These measures aim to reduce the potential impact of identified risks on your pension plan.

Monitoring Performance and Compliance

At Mercer, we understand that ongoing monitoring and compliance are essential for the long-term success of your pension plan. Our dedicated team will provide regular performance reports, conduct periodic audits, and ensure that your plan remains compliant with regulatory requirements.

Performance Tracking

We will closely monitor the performance of your pension plan, tracking key metrics and benchmarks to assess its financial health. Our team will provide comprehensive reports that highlight the plan's funding status, investment performance, and any potential areas of concern. This information enables proactive decision-making and allows for timely adjustments to keep your plan on track.

Compliance Management

Mercer's team of compliance experts will ensure that your pension plan meets all legal and regulatory requirements. We stay abreast of changing regulations and work closely with your organization to implement necessary updates or adjustments to maintain compliance. Our goal is to help you avoid any potential penalties or legal issues.


Mercer's Pension Funding & Risk Management services provide comprehensive solutions to help organizations effectively manage their pension plans and mitigate risk. With our expertise in funding strategies, risk identification and mitigation, and ongoing performance monitoring, we can help ensure the long-term financial stability of your pension plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization's pension funding and risk management needs.

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Mercer's services are gold standard for pension management.
Nov 8, 2023
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Great insights on pension funding and risk management. Mercer's services are definitely a valuable resource for organizations in managing their pension plans.
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