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Aug 22, 2021

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Welcome to the news section of MMC Investors - Marsh McLennan. Here, you will find the most recent updates and press releases related to our company and the global insurance industry. Our commitment to transparency and providing timely information is evident in our efforts to keep our investors and clients informed. In this news release, we urge lawmakers to reauthorize terrorism risk insurance.

Reauthorizing Terrorism Risk Insurance

Terrorism risk insurance plays a crucial role in providing stability and security to the global insurance market. As a leading provider of risk management and insurance brokering services, Marsh McLennan understands the importance of continuous terrorism risk insurance coverage. We believe that reauthorization is vital to protect businesses and individuals against the financial impacts of terrorist acts.

The Global Impact

Terrorism threats have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, affecting businesses and economies worldwide. Without a stable terrorism risk insurance program, organizations face substantial financial risks that could hinder growth and recovery. Reauthorizing terrorism risk insurance ensures that businesses can thrive in a secure environment, allowing them to invest and create jobs without fear.

Supporting Economic Resilience and Growth

By urging lawmakers to reauthorize terrorism risk insurance, Marsh McLennan aims to support economic resilience and growth. Providing businesses with the necessary coverage against terrorism-related losses fosters confidence in the market and encourages investments that drive economic expansion. Without this essential protection, businesses may be deterred from taking the risks required for innovation and competition.

Addressing Evolving Terrorist Threats

In today's ever-changing landscape, terrorist threats continue to evolve, requiring adaptability and advanced risk management strategies. Reauthorizing terrorism risk insurance allows insurers and risk managers to stay ahead of emerging risks. It enables them to analyze and assess potential threats more effectively, thus improving their ability to offer comprehensive coverage tailored to the changing nature of terrorism-related risks.

Commitment to Investor Relations

At MMC Investors - Marsh McLennan, we understand the importance of strong investor relations. Our commitment to open and transparent communication ensures that our valued investors are well-informed about our strategic initiatives, financial performance, and impactful industry news. Our comprehensive news releases provide a glimpse into our commitment to managing risks, driving growth, and generating value for our shareholders.


As a leading player in the global insurance industry, Marsh McLennan urges lawmakers to reauthorize terrorism risk insurance. We firmly believe that this renewal is crucial for protecting businesses, fostering economic growth, and addressing the evolving nature of terrorist threats. Stay updated with the latest news from MMC Investors - Marsh McLennan to stay informed about our efforts and industry developments.