Marsh Acquires Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc.

Aug 15, 2020


Welcome to the official news release of the recent acquisition of Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc. by Marsh, a prominent player in the health industry. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies, opening up new opportunities and enhancing the reach of services in the health sector.

About Marsh

Marsh, a leading provider of risk management and insurance brokerage services, has long been established as a trusted name in the health industry. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to innovation, Marsh consistently delivers exceptional services to its clients. The acquisition of Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc. further strengthens Marsh's position as a market leader.

About Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc.

Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc., a renowned name in the health insurance domain, has been offering comprehensive insurance solutions to individuals and businesses for many years. Their expertise and robust network have allowed them to cater to varying insurance needs, ensuring security and peace of mind for their policyholders.

Key Benefits of the Acquisition

By acquiring Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc., Marsh has expanded its portfolio of comprehensive health insurance services. This strategic move brings several benefits to the customers and stakeholders of both companies:

1. Enhanced Service Offerings

The acquisition enables Marsh to provide an even broader range of health insurance options and coverage plans. With Sumitomo's expertise in tailoring insurance policies to individual needs, customers can expect an expanded suite of high-quality insurance products and services.

2. Increased Market Presence

Marsh's acquisition of Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc. strengthens its market presence in the health insurance industry. With a wider reach and increased resources, Marsh is better positioned to serve a larger customer base and meet the evolving demands of the market.

3. Expertise and Synergies

The combined expertise and synergistic capabilities of both organizations will result in a more robust and efficient service delivery system. Marsh and Sumitomo share similar values and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring seamless integration of operations and a positive impact on customer experiences.

Future Prospects

The acquisition between Marsh and Sumitomo Life Insurance Agency America, Inc. holds promising prospects for the future of health insurance services. The collaboration is set to drive innovation and foster advancements in the industry, benefiting both existing and potential clients.


This acquisition is a testament to Marsh's dedication to providing exceptional health insurance solutions and strengthening its market position in the health category. By bringing together the capabilities and expertise of Marsh and Sumitomo, customers can expect an even more comprehensive range of insurance products and exceptional service quality.


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Exciting expansion for Marsh!
Oct 6, 2023